So Excited to See Progress In Puerto Rico



How uplifting it is to hear about and see the progress that is being made, taking place in the different regions in Puerto Rico, especially in the harder to reach areas like the mountainous regions.  The groups that are undertaking these tasks are nothing less than Real Heroes.  And the thing that drives most of them to get the job done?  Knowing that somebody has a fighting chance afterwards, a real fighting chance to make it!

The individuals and groups of people are “regular people”to hear them describe themselves; they’re military veterans, policemen, retirees, church groups, etc.

They are not really so regular after all.  Regular people don’t uproot themselves, upset their personal financial budgets, work 60-80 hour weeks for no pay and no particular place to stay.

No.  These folks are Real Heroes.  The Unsung Type.  So to these folks, thank you.  And if you are a believer, as I am, that what you do comes back to you, you can’t help but smile.

Vision Board 2018

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I couldn’t get nearly everything I needed or wanted on my Vision Board.  But the Vision can’t include everything…

It mainly needs to show where you are, where you plan to go, and what your rocket fuel is…



Paying It Forward: The Liebster Award

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240_F_78798978_5OSqAkffSKHkJQBvTeVhuLvXoTb7IYBELiebster Award

As if we were all little children at the knee of our very favorite teacher while growing up, listening to one of the best tales told only in the most animated way our teacher could tell, let me share with you a Special Sauce Secret, a Blogger’s Dream, especially for those of us who are new to blogging because we only have “so many followers” yet:  it’s called The Liebster Award.  I am honored to have been nominated.

Needless to say (but I shall say it), I am flabbergasted.  Yes, flabbergasted.  I really could have used a plethora of other adjectives to describe my excitement and enthusiasm, but no, flabbergasted is the right word, believe me.

Mainly I am flabbergasted because when I did some self-reflection, as I usually do, (plus I am currently working on a new Vision Board, which is All. About. Self. Reflection. ) I realized I was feeling this way because how awesome is it to get recognition for something one tremendously enjoys doing!!!

So, you may ask…what is The Liebster Award??  It is the recognition by Bloggers of Other Bloggers, my Friends. The name is derived from German, which means “Beloved, or Dear” in English.  And in recognition of my nomination, I would love to give a hearty shout-out to

Rhonda & Gen at  

Below is a link to one of their recent posts.  I have found as a Literacy/Instructional Coach who works a lot with Early Childhood Teachers, this Dynamic Duo packs a One-Two Punch that can’t be beat!

via Kindergarten Letter Knowledge: Predictor of Future At-Risk Readers 


♦Showcasing A Favorite Blog♦


  Snippets of learning and life

by Fran Haley

Fran Haley is not someone I know personally; she does, however, somehow make me feel as though I really do have a personal, innate connection–through her use of literary voice, as it weaves through unfolding drama, tumbles out of one character and just as quickly rolls into another, making me live (or relive) the experience she so vividly writes.

There are more than a few reasons I find myself being drawn to Fran Haley’s blog.  I will try to name a couple of them here.

One of the most important reasons I am drawn is because of the connections she is able to make between people, subjects, across categories and over time. She makes these connections seemingly without even trying; it’s as if they just make themselves known as part of an interwoven theme.

Which brings me to the next reason I am so drawn–recurring themes from one writing to another, yet packaging themselves quite differently from one story to the next.  What this does is cause me to go deep, really deep, with my thinking.  (Just what lots of our students need, huh?)

Here is a bodacious example of what my words cannot adequately portray via Calling The Roll.  Please sit in a comfy chair and drink it in.  Thanks, Fran Haley, for sharing your wonderful gift through LIT BITS AND PIECES♥.  And here is a link to Fran’s website:


10 Random Facts About Me…

  1. I’m not an “early” morning person, yet I have gotten up at 5 a.m. for the last 15 or so years.  Go figure.  Thank God for coffee.
  2. I love just about all genres of music and have studied music theory.
  3. I used to love to talk about me.  Now, not so much.  Life is too short.
  4. I have studied martial arts in depth.
  5. The hardest part of having been a lifeguard was treading deep water in combat clothing holding a 25-pound weight for 10 minutes.  I’ll never forget those moments.
  6. My family is my heart and my life.
  7. I love God.
  8. Literacy coaching, early and elementary teachers’ and children’s academic needs drive my professional achievement.
  9. Yet I am self-driven.
  10.  As hard as #5 was, life can be so much harder, that’s why I need #6 and #7.


And finally, I would like to take the opportunity to nominate 5 Blogs for the Liebster Award:


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What Is Your Vision for 2018??

Thinking About the Reading/Writing Process As It Applies..

I got reminded today that this New Year requires a “renewal” on my part as Literacy/Instructional Coach to help my teachers through looking inward, through self-assessment and self-reflection, to determine what it is they envision for their students from now forward.  What does that look like? Sound like?  Feel like?  What changes does it require from their students, in order to make that vision a reality?  In other words, what assurances exist or need to be put in place to cause student buy-in?

Although the vision board above is a wonderfully detailed example of what one can look like, it definitely doesn’t have to look like that one!  It just needs to communicate visually the steps to the goal and the goal itself.  It can contain writing or not.

240_F_39111655_JfAIuS5zigDUxhezFbCc7SEe6c96EQDN     240_F_86296284_QBdx5nfWbrtI3H3kKb8PnabPtiSdis2z


I have had the wonderful opportunity to be coached by the Coach and Consultant that reminded me today of the re-envisioning process I need to revisit with my teachers, and below I share with you her link:





For the Literacy Bookworms Out There

Thinking About the Reading/Writing Process As It Applies..

Have you read Regie Routman’s newest book?  Here is that info:

Literacy Essentials
Engagement, Excellence, and Equity for All Learners
Regie Routman
Grades K-12 • 496 pp/paper • $41.00 • Available now
For Canadian customers:

Download the Study Guide:


Got to keep up and grow my teaching/coaching practice!!


Also, please visit  and for all the latest and greatest from author and professional consultant Diane Sweeney, whose book Student Centered Coaching I am about to fray the pages of because I use it so much as a reference and go-to for my teachers and in my Coaching Cycles.  By the way, she also has a freebie– a downloadable Study Guide that accompanies her Student Centered Coaching book!!

Find it here:  Download PDF of Study Guide

Part Two: Another Way to Get Kids Writing Who Hate Writing

Thinking About the Reading/Writing Process As It Applies..

240_F_71284932_2JWT98Wwphatw5k8bOCpbh3VJKZni8HbGet your kiddos to take a leap!

Literally, for some students, this next idea will be just like taking a giant leap, from their comfort zone of “I really don’t like to write, but I can stick to what I know and just turn in what I have to”, to this:

Teacher:  “Okay, guys, I see you’ve found the slip of paper on your table/desk.  That’s your Entrance Slip, and it’s going to tell me what I need to get to you (library fact books, checked out ahead of time; online website urls, etc.) to research quickly at your Team Tables (or with a small group).  On that slip is the beginning of a sentence, written supposedly by an ocean animal of one type or another (we’re supposing he/she is animated, can talk, show feelings, etc.).  Your assignment right now is to fill in the remaining portion of the sentence and hand it to your Team’s Captain, who’ll get it to me quickly; I’ll bring over the info you’ll need to get facts about your animal.  You are going to become that ocean animal and tell us through writing what’s going on down there, what’s bugging you, or maybe how wonderful things are, who knows?  The purpose?  To learn more about ocean life and how it is sustained and to learn more about ourselves as writers!   


(Example of a couple Entrance Slips beginnings:

My name is Taz, Taz the Loggerhead Sea Turtle, and I was showing off some of my coolest moves when I heard this loud explosion sound that_____________________________________________________________________________________.


My name is Diamond, Diamond the Dolphin!  I love to show everyone how far I can jump out of the water, except if_________________________________________________________.


*Of course the teacher or coach could do this with whatever curriculum area and subject is currently being studied.

Getting Kids to Write Who Hate to Write

Thinking About the Reading/Writing Process As It Applies..

240_F_4034441_SuUxIzZtTKbF7OCaYxGVbeOfdDfDNMOg                                     240_F_118289790_wPx4kThMSxowrp9ZFCXYNjT3V39rZTHL

How many of us as students have had to write as a punishment?  There are usually two outcomes to this scenario:  the first one is more obvious, especially with the younger students.  Writing used as a disciplinary tool has the unfortunate consequence of teaching the student to dislike writing, as it soon is seen as boring and mundane, especially when coupled with repeating sentences.

Then there is the unlikely other outcome (which I personally was a “victim” of):  “playing” the victim because that is the role assigned, but deep down actually getting a sense of enjoyment from the writing task as punishment (unless it truly was copying five hundred times the same sentence or something close to it), because I really loved to write, in all its forms.  As a punishment, to me, that was not a biggie.  I wonder sometimes how many other “me’s” there were and are out there who fall in this category.

Frankly, I wonder how much this task/punishment is still being employed in classrooms.

Writing is a precious commodity because it is THE TOOL used in measuring depth of knowledge across the curriculum, in formative and summative assessments and as a beacon for the highest achievement by colleges and universities, medical schools, government agencies and potential places of employment.

Should we not then begin to find other ways outside the traditional, to access the potential students (like the little girl above who hates writing), may have?  To know the little girl, as her teacher does, means to know that one of her very favorite things she loves is music and singing.  How can her teacher use what she loves to help her begin to like writing?  Then, how can the teacher use that to get the little girl to maybe start getting her homework done?


Thinking About Designs for the Future


I saw the sectional slipcover and instantly thought about all the things I wanted a “slipcover” for right about now– everything Christmas when I finally take it down; everything already covered or marked as “proficient” by teachers on their “to-do” checklists for students; starting the New Year with a new outlook; starting out crisp, fresh, full of energy, ready to go, eyes wide open, mind receptive to new ideas that are workable.  Reading and researching new authors and ideas that make a great difference with kiddos’ performances on tests…and in the classroom…

via Sectional Slipcover in Natural Duck Cloth