Changing Over to “StormBrain 101: Literacy Growing Life”


Over the last year there have been too many life events which forever altered my course; my way of thinking, responding, behaving and growing my instructional practices.


It’s not any longer accurate to have my blog go by its’ current name, that one leaves out so much I need, want and feel compelled to include that impact how people grow more literate in their daily lives.

More to come. Stay tuned:).

Pioneer Valley Shout-Outs!


Pioneer Valley Publishers has a website that uses Reading Recovery theory, Literacy Coaching theories and practices, Reading Research best practices and Literacy, Reading, and Coaching successes over time to implement and promote a series of Readers for students from Kindergarten through Elementary School and beyond in fiction and non-fiction, single and 6-pack readers.  Their font and spacing is just right for beginning and intermediate readers. Interest-driven, Pioneer Valley has always been about solving the riddle of what gets students reading.  I have utilized Pioneer Valley for many years now and cannot imagine doing without them!

Check out their Book Builder Online tab within  the Technology Tab on their official website!  There are free books to print as well as subscription ones!

If you’re a teacher of little ones, you will want to check out Bella and Rosie,  pet/dog characters in the Pioneer Valley series of books for the younger readers!  Or Jack and Daisy!  And there are others to boot!

Here are some recent posts from Pioneer Valley Publishers Blog (which boasts academic and instructional helps from Jan Richardson and Michele Dufresne):

News from Pioneer Valley Books