children without parents…immigration crisis full force…two sides to the story





What happens when parents want to give their children and family a better life?  If they live in a country where upward mobilization is rare, they sometimes opt to migrate to a country close by for the chance.  If they know for a fact that the political system there won’t cooperate or will try to deter by any means, and the parents still choose to opt to migrate anyway, what is that called?  It could be called desperation, or it could be called ignorance or even stupidity, depending upon the circumstances.


I have had discussions with people who have been in these circumstances, know about it through family members or have been inside it, on the government side of the equation and have given feedback, and these equal sides form a triangle of different opinions while having equal weight on the issue, valuing what their knowledge-base is from it’s origin.

My take:  it is not just about government.  It is also about origin of intent.  A wealth of blame to go around.

My advice:  go educate yourselves before deciding to “wall off” children (yours or theirs).  They are the only victims in reality.

Be literate about humanity.