What a Gifted Writer, Rhi


Rhi is preparing herself for the opening of a play that she wrote about herself, an Autistic woman lately diagnosed.

It is being performed in the UK (wish I could see it, but I’ll keep up with the following) by Lucy Theobald, whom Rhi declares absolutely does an amazing job of portraying her character.

Rhi is saving up her reserves at the moment, she says, because it can be very energy-draining to stay in the limelight up to the point of opening night.

Makes me think of various students and people I know who have so much of this same kind of creative energy and talent to share.  Makes me want to figure out ways to get them writing…

You can see more of Rhi here:

via The Duck: An Autistic Play 

Further details for local tickets for The Duck can be found here:


Thanks, Rhi, for sharing your life with us.  You are teaching us more than you realize.


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