So Excited to See Progress In Puerto Rico



How uplifting it is to hear about and see the progress that is being made, taking place in the different regions in Puerto Rico, especially in the harder to reach areas like the mountainous regions.  The groups that are undertaking these tasks are nothing less than Real Heroes.  And the thing that drives most of them to get the job done?  Knowing that somebody has a fighting chance afterwards, a real fighting chance to make it!

The individuals and groups of people are “regular people”to hear them describe themselves; they’re military veterans, policemen, retirees, church groups, etc.

They are not really so regular after all.  Regular people don’t uproot themselves, upset their personal financial budgets, work 60-80 hour weeks for no pay and no particular place to stay.

No.  These folks are Real Heroes.  The Unsung Type.  So to these folks, thank you.  And if you are a believer, as I am, that what you do comes back to you, you can’t help but smile.

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