What Is Your Vision for 2018??

Thinking About the Reading/Writing Process As It Applies..

I got reminded today that this New Year requires a “renewal” on my part as Literacy/Instructional Coach to help my teachers through looking inward, through self-assessment and self-reflection, to determine what it is they envision for their students from now forward.  What does that look like? Sound like?  Feel like?  What changes does it require from their students, in order to make that vision a reality?  In other words, what assurances exist or need to be put in place to cause student buy-in?

Although the vision board above is a wonderfully detailed example of what one can look like, it definitely doesn’t have to look like that one!  It just needs to communicate visually the steps to the goal and the goal itself.  It can contain writing or not.

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I have had the wonderful opportunity to be coached by the Coach and Consultant that reminded me today of the re-envisioning process I need to revisit with my teachers, and below I share with you her link: