Embracing the Struggle


I am only on Chapter 2 in my newest book Embarrassment, by Tom Newkirk, mainly because there has been lots of multitasking going on here and there (and everywhere) this week at my house; when I do find the opportunity, I find myself rereading to gather meaning and glean even newer and more information as a reader (which I love to do–oftentimes I read through the first time quickly and miss something).

Oh, how I love this book!  Last year, for me as an Instructional Coach, it was all about “embracing the struggle” of all the new learning that was out there just waiting to be digested–for all there was to learn, as a new teacher, and we had quite a few–but…it still is all about that same thing, my friends.  More Newbies. Extended family illness with caretaking responsibilities was the greatest factor in our loss of three last year, and we are embracing the struggle with our Newbies this year so they won’t be Newbies next year:)

But I digress.  I need to say why this entry is so aptly named.

The book Embarrassment is really all about finding a way to somehow finally embrace the struggle we all have/have had in our lives–the pivotal moments we feel sick in the pit of our stomachs or get that rare migraine, or just feel ourselves getting hot under the collar and very uncomfortable even thinking about them–to have that struggle take its’ rightful place alongside all other respectable feelings in our memories…


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