Posting: Writer’s Response to Prompt: “Deny”


This is a category for me.  A category because it’s huge.  It’s huge because major shifts in my life were brought about when I decided to no longer “deny” the horrors, the terrors, the ugliness, the wretchedness, the malice, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

But also–because once I decided to no longer deny them–they lost their power...

How about that?

And how about that for a life lesson?  But it took me years to make that shift.  I didn’t have in place a support system (any significant other(s) to help sustain my efforts) at the time.  Both my parents were deceased, no siblings close by; friends were complicated.

Life lesson learned:  “deny” is huge as long as one continues to deny.  And it grows, daily.  But once one makes the choice to no longer deny (whatever it is in life that is a problem), rather face it head on, deal with it however that looks (for you), and make the needed and wanted changes, “deny” just simply loses whatever hold it had.

We, the people, are the power-givers to all sorts of untoward callings.

We, the people, are also the restorers of power to ourselves, by checking on our inner selves on a regular basis.  Checking–and taking action when needed.  No one can know you as well as you do.  Check on yourself.